Preventive vaccine

Vactech is developing a vaccine for the prevention of Type 1 Diabetes. This vaccine is based on a patented composition which makes it effective against those enterovirus types causing this disease. In addition, the vaccine can prevent several other enterovirus diseases. Preclinical proof-of-concept studies have confirmed the efficacy and safety of the vaccine and prediction models suggest that it could prevent at least 50% of Type 1 Diabetes cases.

Vaccine strengths

  • Simple product
  • Large target population, *)
  • Strong scientific evidence
  • Patented vaccine composition
  • Proof-of-concept in mouse trials
  • First to the market
  • Product family of vaccines, antivirals and diagnostics

*) Either the general population or those carrying genetic predisposition to T1D and comprising about 20% of the general Caucasian population.

Other enterovirus vaccines have recently been tested in large Phase III human trials. These vaccines target one enterovirus serotype (Enterovirus 71) which causes hand- foot and mouth disease and severe central nervous system infections. Three independent trials have showed that the vaccine is effective and safe. This is the first enterovirus vaccine after polio vaccine entering the market. It is produced using the same inactivated whole virus technology as polio vaccine showing that this technology works against enteroviruses. The same technology is used also in Vactech’s diabetes vaccine.