R & D

Expertise in molecular biology, microbiology, vaccines, diagnostics and VLP-technology

Vactech develops modern vaccine technologies for prevention of major human diseases. We focus on preclinical vaccine development and biomarker and target discovery. Our main targets are microbes for which vaccines are not yet available as well as novel microbe-host interactions underlying chronic human diseases.

Vaccines against picornaviruses are among the most promising products currently under development. These viruses are very common infecting human beings and causing e.g. common cold, carditis, hepatitis, meningitis, otitis and paralysis. Poliovirus is the best-known example of these viruses belonging to the subgroup of enteroviruses.

Enteroviruses are causing severe illnesses and are e.g. the most common cause of aseptic meningitis and myocarditis. They have also been associated with severe chronic diseases such as cardiomyopathies, type 1 diabetes, atherosclerosis and chronic fatigue syndrome. Efficient vaccines have already been developed against polio, and currently a new vaccine against enterovirus 71 is entering the market, while no vaccines are available for the other enterovirus types.

Novel enterovirus vaccines form the main branch of our R&D portfolio. Vactech has established both industrial and scientific partnerships for the development of these vaccines. In addition, Vactech develops modern vaccine technologies and diagnostic assays for microbial infections.