Board & Management

Heikki Hyöty, Chairman of the Board, Cofounder, MD, Ph.D, is currently professor of virology at the University of Tampere. Dr. Hyöty has 35 years of experience in basic research in academia and almost 20 years of experience in biotechnology business. His expertise includes virology and immunology.

Mikael KnipMember of the Board, Cofounder, MD, Ph.D, is emeritus professor of pediatrics at the University of Helsinki and works currently as research director at the university and the Children’s Hospital, Helsinki University Hospital. Dr. Knip has more than 40 years of experience in clinical research in academia and almost 20 years of experience in biotechnology business. His expertise includes type 1 diabetes, other immune-mediated diseases, and clinical trials.

Raimo HarjuCEO, M.Sc Mr. Harju has more than 45 years of experience in various business sectors including biopharmaceutical industry and ICT with domestic and international partnerships. He joined Vactech in 2006 to launch the company’s commercial operations. Mr. Harju has been a cofounder for several start-ups and done successful exits.

Matiaksen kuva

Matias KnipMember of the Board, M.Sc., has some ten years of investment banking (M&A and ECM advisory) experience from leading Finnish advisory firms. Mr. Knip is currently Chief Specialist at the Government Ownership Steering Department of the Prime Minister’s Office.

Johannan kuva

Johanna FriedmanMember of the Board, CPA, B.S.B.A., obtained her bachelor's degree from Boston University, Questrom School of Business, in 2016. Mrs. Friedman is a Certified Public Accountant and is currently working as an Audit Manager in a large public accounting firm in the United States.

Petrin kuva

Petri Laine joined the board of Vactech in 2021. Petri is a seasoned venture capital investor with 20 years’ experience. He has works as a partner at Innovestor Ventures which manages a portfolio of approx. 90 companies in all field of technologies including life science, medtech and health. In addition to Vactech he is currently board member in six other companies. He has a degree in accounting from Finland and a degree in finance from the UK.

Jussi LehtonenLaboratory Chief, B.Sc Mr. Lehtonen has a long experience in biosciences, advanced laboratory technologies and construction of databases for various kinds of laboratory and data-analysis applications. In addition, he is experienced in statistical analyses and is about to complete his M.Sc studies in statistics.